Horse riding


Horse riding

We offer beautiful and well-kept horses at your disposal.

For active horse riding enthusiasts, we offer a manege, a lunge as well as rides and field trips, during which everyone will appreciate the beauty of horse riding.

We also do not forget about the youngest and amateurs, for whom we have prepared an offer of riding under the watchful eye of professional instructors (guided tours in hand).

Horse riding lessons for children and adults:

  • Lunge ride 40 PLN / 30 minutes
  • Driving at the manege 50 PLN / 1 hour
  • Driving in the field 50 PLN / 1 hour
  • Horse-drawn carriage ride PLN 150/1 hour

Rides take place at fixed times from Tuesday to Sunday.

To arrange a ride, please contact the instructor.

P. Sylwia+48 509 326 536

Monday is a day off for horses.

You’re welcome!

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