About Castle

Sobków was founded as a city in 1563 by Stanisław Sobek from Sulejów. Later it belonged to Drohojowscy , Wielkopolscy , Sarbiewscy , Myszkowscy and from 1725 year to Szaniawscy. It was destroyed several times, completely burned during the fights in 1915. City rights Sobków lost in 1869..    

In the east side of village there is a church built around 1560 with the foundation of Stanislaw Sobek. First it was Arian church. In 1570, son of Stanisław Sobek turned the temple into Catholic church.      

The place where we are was a manor complex, situated near Nida River. The complex contains fortifications built between 1560 and 1570 by Stanisław Sobek. Inside there are ruins of a classical palace raised by Szaniawscy around year 1770. At the beginnings, the fortification was surrounded by a defensive walls with four towers in the corners.

Until today, we still can see remains of the walls and three towers covered with wooden roofs, as well as embrasures in the lower parts of the castle. The early-classical ruins of the castle with four Ionian columns in the middle section are turned with the front to the river. The south- eastern side elevation dated around 1800 contains a break with bricked up arcades, crowned with a semicircular tympanum, accommodating a scagliola cartouche with Cornucopias, garlands and the initials of Stanisław Szaniawski - carver of the Crown and his wife Anna from the Kluszewscy.

You can see how castle looks inside and outside today in galleries.